About Us

About Cress Valley – The Wholefood Superfood Company

Cress Valley – forging a better life by connecting people to real food for a “Healthier, Happier You”.

Conceived by nature and backed by science, Cress Valley have created a range of products that are genuinely healthy and convenient to help you balance the demands of your busy life.

At Cress Valley we grow and process New Zealand super greens, including watercress, kawakawa and manuka, which are packed full of vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants, and unique phytonutrients to give your body the vitality it needs.

Getting your recommended 5 + fruits and vegetables every day can be challenging and expensive! At Cress Valley, we believe we make this easier by providing genuinely nutrient-dense, healthy, and convenient products at an affordable price.  

Cress Valley Values

The human body is utterly amazing. It has the ability to fight infection, ward off disease, heal and regenerate. To do this, it needs the right building blocks in the form of good nutrition. But just as it's not possible to build the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – with sticks and mud, similarly your body cannot function effectively and maintain good physical and mental health when nutrient-poor food is consumed.

At Cress Valley we have developed products that will make it easier for you to be proactive and take good care of your health. Our products have done all the hard work, beginning with the plants themselves through to the processing and packaging of the nutrient-dense powders. All you need to do is take a dose every day to help achieve your daily nutrient requirements.


Good nutrition could not be simpler!

How We Began

Josh Henry’s passion for watercress began in 1999. While studying a B.Sc. in Food Technology, he grew watercress on the family farm in fresh reticulated spring water, which he then harvested and sold to retailers.

Since then, Josh has worked in the food industry as a food technologist, developing food products in Australia and New Zealand for the past 20 years. This experience made him realise how unhealthy many processed foods are, and how misleading the information about them can be. Many processed foods contain additives and chemicals that are harmful to your health or even carcinogenic.

With the support of Josh’s wife Alice, Cress Valley was formed – a company that believes good nutrition is the foundation to a long, happier and healthier life.


At Cress Valley, we challenge ourselves as well as the status quo to create exceptional products that revitalise you every time.


For many people sustainability is just another buzzword, and for many companies, sustainability is not possible due to the essential core of what they do.

Cress Valley is a sustainable business at its very core! Cress Valley is a fully integrated business that grows and processes plants. These plants are sustainably and strategically planted next to streams and riverbanks (riparian planting), which has many benefits. It can decrease erosion and run-off while improving or maintaining the water quality, as well as health of plants, fish and animals living in and around the water. These plants also contribute to absorbing C02 (greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere.

Cress Valley only produce plant-based food, which is significantly more sustainable than animal-based food. Animals contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and utilise more energy and resources than plant-based foods.

At Cress Valley we use sustainable energy where possible, including solar power and gravity.

We do not use any nasty sprays or pesticides, ensuring the environment is not contaminated and the food produced is grown using organic practices. This ensures the land and environment can continue to provide for many generations to come.

We only partner with other suppliers and businesses that are sustainable at their core, ensuring the entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible.

We realise that technology is constantly evolving. So, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to become more sustainable. We currently use recyclable plastic packaging due to the shelf life required on our products. However, we are looking into ways of using quality biodegradable packaging that can maintain product quality over the long shelf life. We now use biodegradable shipping parcels, so this journey has already begun.