New Zealand Super Greens –
Superior Wholefood Superfood Powder

New Zealand Super Greens is an “all-in-one” superfood blend, developed to pack a real nutrient punch and give your body the vitality it needs. The blend contains some of New Zealand’s most nutritious ingredients including watercress, kawakawa and manuka leaf – all commercially and sustainably grown by Cress Valley – plus broccoli sprout, organic wheat grass and organic barley grass.

Kawakawa is an extraordinary plant, which has many health benefits. It has been known to help support skin problems, and has cleansing properties that support blood health. Kawakawa can also support circulation and bring blood flow to the gut to help support digestive disorders. A member of the pepper family (Piperaceae), kawakawa has a refreshing peppery taste.

Manuka honey is in extremely high demand for its known health benefits. So, it should be no surprise that Manuka leaf also has many health benefits. The leaf can support skin disorders and immunity, plus facilitate the wound healing process.

Broccoli sprout powder contains a compound known as glucoraphanin and the enzyme myrosinase which together form sulforaphane, an immensely powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body on a cellular level. This marvellous compound has several health benefits, such as support for the immune system, arthritis, kidneys, heart health and blood pressure to name a few.

New Zealand Super Greens takes the hardship out of staying healthy by making it easier and more convenient to help you achieve your daily nutrient requirements. This product can be easily incorporated into your diet just by adding to your favourite smoothie or beverage.

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