About Us

Cress Valley – The Innovative New Zealand Health Company

Cress Valley is a New Zealand owned and operated company dedicated to growing, processing and creating superfoods and supplements that genuinely support your best health.

Conceived by nature and backed by science, Cress Valley have created a range of products that are genuinely healthy and convenient to help you balance the demands of your busy life.

Getting your recommended 5 + fruits and vegetables every day can be challenging and expensive! At Cress Valley, we believe we make this easier by providing genuinely nutrient-dense, healthy, and convenient products at an affordable price.  

How We Began

Josh Henry grew up on a farm in New Zealand, so he has always had a close connection with the land. His passion for horticulture from a young age is the foundation of Cress Valley's inception. 

​After completing a B.Sc. in Food Technology, Josh has worked in the food industry as a food technologist, developing food products in Australia and New Zealand for the past 20 years. This experience made him realise how unhealthy many processed foods are, and how misleading the information about them can be. Many processed foods contain additives and chemicals that are harmful to your health or even carcinogenic.

Josh decided to utilise is experience and leave the corporate world to create a company that produces high quality health products.

With the support of Josh’s wife Alice, Cress Valley was formed – a company that believes good nutrition is the foundation to a long, happier and healthier life.

 At Cress Valley, we challenge ourselves as well as the status quo to create exceptional New Zealand made health food supplements that revitalise you every time.