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Bulk New Zealand Grown and Produced Watecress Powder

Cress Valley commercially grow watercress utilising clean reticulated spring water. The watercress is then processed and dehydrated immediately after harvest to lock in as much nutrients as possible before being milled into a fine powder (or left as watercress flakes). The process is carried out using HACCP principles ensuring product quality every time.

The drying process is carried out under specific conditions that retain vital nutrients whilst ensuring the product is microbiologically safe. It is a fine science. Each batch is microbiologically tested (AOAC-PTM/Microval), before being released for consumption.

We can supply watercress powder or watercress flakes.

Bulk Fresh New Zealand Watercress

Watercress NZ

Are you a soup manufacturer? Dip manufacturer? Do you make pickles or are you a health drink manufacturer? Watercress may be a perfect addition to your product range.

For bulk fresh watercress enquiries, please feel free to enquire. Note: Watercress growing season is from May to October. MOQ's apply.

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Cress Valley supply a range of New Zealand made superfoods and supplements made from premium ingredients grown in New Zealand and carefully sourced from other quality suppliers across the globe. We have searched out the best superfoods available that have been harvested at their peak, dried as wholefood, then powdered to lock in maximum nutrients. The products cover a range of health bases including gut health, mental wellbeing, immunity, energy, libido, muscle recovery, collagen rebuilding and repair and more. 

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