For many people sustainability is just another buzzword, and for many companies, sustainability is not possible due to the essential core of what they do.

Cress Valley NZ is a sustainable business at its very core! Cress Valley create products that are grown and produced in New Zealand. Protecting the environment is a side effect of the business model. We proudly produce New Zealand made products because the environment benefits from what we do! These plants are sustainably and strategically planted next to streams and riverbanks (riparian planting), which has many benefits. It can decrease erosion and run-off while improving or maintaining the water quality, as well as health of plants, fish and animals living in and around the water. These plants also contribute to absorbing C02 (greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere.

At Cress Valley we use sustainable energy where possible, including solar power and gravity.

We only partner with other suppliers and businesses that are sustainable at their core, ensuring the entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible. We endeavour to uphold the trustworthy "Made in New Zealand" reputation.

We realise that technology is constantly evolving. So, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to become more sustainable. We currently use recyclable plastic packaging due to the shelf life required on our products. However, we are looking into ways of using quality biodegradable packaging that can maintain product quality over the long shelf life. We now use biodegradable shipping parcels, so this journey has already begun.