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Nourish your body with the goodness it craves

Why use Cress Valley products

Everyone knows that you should eat 5 plus servings of fruits and vegetables everyday to stay healthy and live a long and happy life. Many people don't get their 5 plus a day due to lack of convenience, time or money.

Cress Valley grow New Zealand's most nutritious greens in a pristine clean environment that is free of nasty chemicals and pollutants. These super greens are then harvested at peak nutrition and dried to create a superior wholefood, green powder that can easily and conveniently be taken to bump up your daily nutrient requirements. These super green powders have a shelf life of at least 2 years so the goodness is locked in for consumption all year round.

Cress Valley is on a mission to connect people with real food and increase their intake of nutrient dense superfoods. We are passionate about peoples health and the environment.